An Anthology of Art, Poetry and Writings, The Mutagens By Culturally Arts Collective

Glad to announce that my work got included in @culturallyarts anthology “The Mutagens”.

“The Mutagens Anthology” book is a fundraiser response to the injustice currently happening in Ukraine. We aim to support their local charities through book purchases that are in constant need of help to provide people with means for everyday living. The whole world was watching the invasion that struck Ukraine, this devastating political abuse that impacted the lives of ordinary civilians, millions of which were forced to leave their lives behind. We invited people to come together and share their feelings, rage, sadness, traumas, vengeance, and rebellion and let their voices be heard.
Donate or buy to help the cause, all profits will go to Ukrainian charities working on the ground.

Purchase the book here: www.culturallyarts.com/themutagens

Make a donation here:


Author: Marko Milić

Marko Milić was born in Nova Gradiška, Croatia in 1998. There, he also finished his high school education. Marko’s interest in art appeared while working with his father, a sculptor. That is when he chose his career path would be an artistic one. Pushing himself into the unknown, he opened a company in 2019, at the age of 20, dedicated to creating a functional sculptures inspired by the love for nature, Logniture. In order of promoting company work and the necessity for high-quality images, investment in a quality digital camera was required. Quickly after picking it up, Marko has shown interest and fell in love with the photographic medium itself, learned everything about technicalities, and dove into exploring the unknown. He started with product photography, moved on to simple captures of his dogs playing, to long-exposure night photography, astrophotography, and macro photography, which led him to engage in exploring the endless possibilities of abstract photography. Marko already counts few publications and multiple international exhibitions across the Europe, some of them were held in Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin, Athena & Stockholm.

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