Dive deep from the sleep
Dive soon from the moon
Dive for the kill
Die never will

Unstoppable force from the sky
Will spread the sound of merciful cry
Quick eyes in the dark of night
There is no escape tonight

Arrow sharp silky wings
Cuts fast through the wind
Claw quick for the prey
He won’t see another day

Hunger, starving, belly rumbling
Life screaming for the living
Dive low next to snow
Die slow never more

– Marko Milić


Sorrow has grown to be my friend
I wish to see my miserable end

Crying screams, scars too deep
I beg for mercy, to join Gods keep

This world he sees, has no happy end
He waits with his head, to the ground bend

Agony piercing through my heart
I shall end my life tonight

His eyes shine, glow in dark
Tears hit ground, explode like spark

Howling soul, scream so deep
I will fall in endless sleep

Useless, his name, nothing left to do
No one will try, him to rescue

As he slowly exhales his final breath
Happily greets long-waited death

Blood has dried, his flesh is cold
What he’s done, now you behold

Marko Milić

Demon apstraction
Demon of Hatred

I will burn them up
Until I had enough
I will burn them all
To fulfill my goal

These flames in me
That drive me crazy
This hate of mine
Almost divine

Faster then flash
I will turn you to ash
When I awake
I will feel no mistake

Chaos running through my mind
I’m a man that’s simply blind
Pitch darkness is all I see
Do not stand against me

Scars of incineration across my face
Better know your place
Pretty destruction is all I’ve learned
To demon of hatred I have turned

– Marko Milić

Lonely, Lonely Darkness

In night alone, darkness surrounds me
Morning light, never arrives to me

Feeling guilty, purely for existing
Why should I, keep persisting

Cruel world, full of cruel people that surrounds me
Why should loneliness even surprise me

A good friend, is worth more than gold
Without any, you’ll be cold

My fragile little soul
Broken to the core

Memories remained
Like scars engraved

Maybe God wants me to suffer
To teach me how to be tougher

My feelings are open, for whole world to see
Even if they, will use it against me

– Marko Milić

Sides of You
Sides of You

Factory of rhymes and words to be used
That’s what happens when I get abused

Lyrical artillery aimed at your direction
Something that gives me slight satisfaction

You won’t hear my lines in stutter
As I make your heart shutter

Demolish your existence from my mind
I am just getting unwind

What you’ve done to my soul is evil
You would be burnt in time of medieval

Source of inspiration you have always been
This time triggered by your vile twin

If you deliberately hurt me
You do not deserve me

What once was love, now is hate
You did the right mistake

The worst nightmares that I fear
Is that you might want to be back near

Without you, empty shell I may be
But who are you, to be judging me

If you think this, your life will fix
Enjoy it with other pricks

Once you realize that it is not fun
It is too late to be undone

Marko Milić


Calm days are near
I had my last tear

A new chapter arrives
What will be written is still a surprise

Gentle wind across your skin
Makes me want to commit a sin

There is still some fear left in me
I’ll conquer it surely

What time will bring, I am not sure
It still remains quite obscure

– Marko Milić

Lich 140-400€

Lich has cast a curse upon this world
A spell of frenzy
Makes everyone crazy

Instead of caring one for another
They are stabbing their closest brother

Climbing ladder made from others people’s back
He’ll reward you with heavy gold sack

Obeying everything that he say
Will bring us to our doomsday

“Fight for it” screams ruthless voice
Do we even have a choice?

People kneel, turn full of spite
I try to resist despite

Back to nature, that gives us power
For whole darkness, to devour

Seeing clearly, once again
I explain how to stop this pain

But we sold our own cure
They said the profit is pure

Lich has won, once again
They’ll do anything for their own gain

Marko Milić

Gnome Warlord

Warlord gnome is pushing strong
With the sound of battle gong

To be conqueror of this peaceful land
Is just a part of his vile plan

Art of war is all he knows
Through the battle that he shows
Blood on spear as his medium
Sending his foes to oblivion

With skills at his peak
He sees no defeat

For what he fights, you may ask?
He lost his mind, for as long as he lasts

– Marko Milić


Chicken spawn in bark of tree
Such thing has never be

Mysterious looking
Nothing for plucking…
Wherever it’s been lurking

With heavy wings made of bark
Her only wish is to fly

To roam free on the land
Is the best thing ever planned

Chickens end now draws near
Carved wood lies now here

– Marko Milić

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