Another publish! I am very happy and proud to be part of “flow” theme on The Purposeful Mayonnaise art journal with display of two of my abstract works, “Agony” and “Dancing Phantom”.


Sorrow has grown to be my friend 

I wish to see my miserable end

Crying screams, scars too deep

I beg for mercy, to join Gods keep

This world he sees, has no happy end

He waits with his head, to the ground bend

Agony piercing through my heart

I shall end my life tonight

His eyes shine, glow in dark

Tears hit ground, exlode like spark

Howling soul, scream so deep

I will fall in endless sleep

Useless, his name, nothing left to do

No one will try, him to rescue

As he slowly exhale his final breath

Happily greets long-waited death

Blood has dried, his flesh is cold

What he’s done, now you behold

In this abstract work i am capturing fragment of melting ice resembling humanoid form. Dancing with the sound of melting snow and water droplets hiting the ground, creating calm melody for me and my subject. I observe his movement while it melts on a warm sunlight, and his last dance comes to an end, music from our surroundings becomes more intense, untill he performs his grand finale move where my flash lightens his stage. The music disappears, and he with it.

Dancing Phantom

Author: Marko Milić

Marko Milić was born in Nova Gradiška, Croatia in 1998. There, he also finished his high school education. Marko’s interest in art appeared while working with his father, a sculptor. That is when he chose his career path would be an artistic one. Pushing himself into the unknown, he opened a company in 2019, at the age of 20, dedicated to creating a functional sculptures inspired by the love for nature, Logniture. In order of promoting company work and the necessity for high-quality images, investment in a quality digital camera was required. Quickly after picking it up, Marko has shown interest and fell in love with the photographic medium itself, learned everything about technicalities, and dove into exploring the unknown. He started with product photography, moved on to simple captures of his dogs playing, to long-exposure night photography, astrophotography, and macro photography, which led him to engage in exploring the endless possibilities of abstract photography. Marko already counts few publications and multiple international exhibitions across the Europe, some of them were held in Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin, Athena & Stockholm.

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